The Best PS4 Exclusive Games of All Time – 2019 Version

Truth be told, PS4 is at the top of the console heap and offers the best exclusive games. It’s effortlessly surpassing Nintendo and Microsoft thanks to the brilliant technology. Whether you like sports or action, there’s a game on Sony’s platform that will entertain you. Here are the best PS4 exclusive games that you can’t find anywhere else.

God of War (2018)

This game has combat that grows more impressive as you progress. What is even more intriguing is how mature the storytelling has become. If you played the outgoing version, you’ll realize that Kratos does not use double-chained blades. Instead, he uses a Magical Axe infused with ice and magic. Unlike the old-fashioned action series, this game has opened a new chapter that leads to more exciting adventures.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

The Marvel’s is an action-packed story that features iconic characters with unique roles. With dynamic acrobatics and environmental interactions, you can feel the full power of a more experienced Spiderman. Plus, you can take the breathtaking views of Marvel or swing through the vibrant neighborhoods. While there are many Spiderman games out there, this version will leave a lasting impression.


In Bloodborne, the finest treasures are found in forests, lakes, and purgatories. The player is given a chance to re-live every moment; the first day you got dumped, the time your first pet died, and every stomach-sinking moment. You can call this a skewed version of how hell looks like. The game puts more focus on timing and technique. It’s worth mentioning that Bloodborne’s journey seems more heart-pounding and intense.

Detroit: Become Human

This game features multiple fight scenes and meaningful interactivity. The world here feels very real and is built with a sense of history. Also, the level of detail on faces is breathtaking. You can clearly see the facial hair, freckles, and blemishes. Detroit is well-written and more satisfying than other games in the segment. It’s all about player choice and long-term consequences.

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Horizon Zero Dawn

Without a doubt, this is the most gorgeous console game ever made. Since its debut in 2015, the game has undergone some improvements that make it incredible to play. Just by looking at the visuals, you get a glimpse of how stunning this game is. And with a compelling story led by a protagonist, this Horizon is an absolute best for PS4 players.

Gravity Rush 2

In Gravity Rush 2, Kat assumes the role of a firefighter, stunt double, private investigator, miner, and a photojournalist. She throws herself over the buildings for a good course. With the new gravity powers, styles, and well-written side quests, you get a better insight into Kat’s universe.

The Last Guardian

This game features two characters; a boy and Trico (his beast companion). It tells a simple story, but a powerful one. Furthermore, the storyline is unpredictable and will keep you glued to the screen. At its best, this game combines limitless entertainment and intoxicating thrill.

The Last of Us Remastered

If you watched The Last of Us on PS3, you’ll appreciate this new version. PS4 runs the game at 60 frames per second and a resolution of 1080p. The frame rate enhances the gameplay and gives an aesthetic boost. Not to mention, the textures are more detailed and the lighting is more enhanced. This game is intensely satisfying and packed with secrets to keep you enraptured for hours.

Persona 5

Persona 5 features a strong story that brings a tremendous sense of style. While the outgoing version (Persona 4) takes you through linear hallways until you reach the top, Persona 5 allows you to use paths, doors that require puzzles to open and networks of hidden rooms. Needless to say, the sprawling dungeon design makes the game an absolute joy to explore.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

This is an exclusive game that delivers everything you could hope for in PS4. The player throws wearying battles before reaching a state of perfection. Other than that, the visual spectacle is unmatched with any other game in the business.

The last 5 years has produced fantastic PS4 exclusive games, so it feels like an honor to own the latest Sony console. In 2018, a few huge titles have been added including Marvel’s Spider-Man and God of war, which is an absolute masterpiece. It’s beyond any reasonable doubt that PS4 is in a league of its own.

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